Malkia Invest | About Us
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About Us

Company Overview

Malkia Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (t/a Malkia Invest) is a black owned and run company established in 2016. The company was co-founded by 3 young, black, professional women who saw lack of representation of women in the economy and major sectors of the South African and African economies.


It was out of this need to empower (create wealth) and increase the number of women representations at senior management at Board of level of businesses, projects and the economy at large that Malkia Invest was founded. As working professionals, Malkia Invest founders realised that as individuals they did not have the funds required to invest in businesses and projects, however as a collective, contributing monthly could have access to larger pools of money of funding.


This funding would then be used to invest in businesses and projects not only in South Africa but on the African continent. The company is made up of shareholders / members who share the same vision and goals, who are committed to being part of a company that will over the  yield sustainable returns for its shareholders.


The company has raised over R1 Million in shareholder contributions.

The company is on the lookout for opportunities to invest and partner with major industry players.

Goals & Objectives

To create a steady stream of income which will be used as leverage when investing in operations.

To invest, build projects and businesses by leveraging off the member's expertise and knowledge spanning various industry sectors and different asset classes (i.e. Tailings plants, property and agriculture).

Our Mission

Active participation in key sectors and projects of the economy that have low women representation

By leveraging off the member’s vast knowledge and experience through investments in key sectors of the economy

Creating opportunities and exposure for all our women members

Committing to the empowerment of women by mentoring, coaching and exposure to investing and business

Enhance earnings and produce sustainable growth for the company through considered risk.

Our Vision

To become one of the largest black women owned companies by investing and actively participating in key sectors of the economy such as Mining, Property Development and Agriculture just to name a few.

This will be achieved by investing in various industries while empowering each other, empowering other women, empowering young girls and their communities, to create sustained wealth.